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Hello, I'm Chiara!
Welcome to my creative world.

Food Delivery App •
UX & UI Design

Although this is a fictional project, it is designed to be used on a daily basis. As the title suggests, it is an app which can be used to order to then be delivered to your home. The main focus of the app is to give the user a feeling of connection – as if the food were freshly prepared in your grandmother's kitchen. Therefore, the first screen shows an illustration of a woman next to a bowl filled with fresh ingredients. Below that is a selection of frequently ordered dishes, categorized according to the type of dish. When you click on it, you will land on the second screen.

Bild Screen 1 Food Delivery App

The above mentioned selection is now displayed more extensively and entcloses more detailed information, such as the name of the dish and the ingredients it contains. Here you also have the possibility to add the dish to “favorites“ via the heart icon or put it directly into your shopping cart. With a single wipe you can switch between different versions of the dish.

Bild Screen 2 Food Delivery App

After confirming the contents of the shopping basket, you will be taken to the next screen. This waiting screen displays the order as a receipt while the dish is being prepared. Once this is done, the last screen automatically opens, showing the driver's route and the delivery time.
The design is simple for easy understanding. The illustrations express friendliness and make the app more colourful.

Bild Screen 3 Food Delivery App
Bild Screen 4 Food Delivery App

Music Player App •
UX & UI Design

I started this project on my own initiative because I use a music player every day myself. The first screen is a “Discover Page“. Here you are offered different categories to discover new music styles, so you can only play music of a certain category. Howver, not only songs are displayed here but also podcasts. At the bottom of the screen, the currently playing song is shown. With a click on it you land on the second screen. The current song selection and the control panels are placed in the middle of the screen. With a click on the record icon you land at the album from which the song originates. In the background there is an individual video for the song playing.The design is simple but filled with vibrant colors.

Bild Screen 1 Music Player App
Bild Screen 2 Music Player App

Game Store App •
UX & UI Design

These are screens for a fictitious game store. The first one shows a “Discovery Page“. In the upper right corner the personal avatar is shown as well as the rank of the user. Below this, various games are suggested which the user might like as well as achievements that the user has already received. So the user is always reminded of his performance. The second screen shows a pop-up which congratulates the user on their achievement.
If they then click on a certain game, the background inverts to a color gradient and more detailed information about the game is given. This includes, for example, a video teaser, reviews or the possibility to download the game.

Bild Screen 1 Game Store App
Bild Screen 2 Game Store App
Bild Screen 3 Game Store App